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  Qixuan Shichuang focuses on providing design evaluation, process improvement, material matching, SMT placement, wave soldering, product assembly, commissioning, aging, packaging, logistics, etc. for electronic information products. The business involves consumption, finance, automotive, medical, communications, automation control, explosion-proof and other electronic products

  In order to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the company's development, the company insists on continuously introducing the world's advanced technology equipment and scientific management methods, and always maintains the leading position of the enterprise in the industry; creating a realistic and pragmatic work team and work style within the company. To provide customers with good products and services; and continue to improve the quality of products and services, meet and exceed customer requirements, and strive to be a qualified supplier of quality electronics manufacturing services.

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产能优势 产能优势

01Capacity AdvantageProcessing and manufacturing cycle is shorterResponse quickly and productivity advantage

SMT placement capacity

Four high-speed SMT production lines, one production line has a daily mounting capacity of 2.2 million pieces, and the monthly comprehensive mounting capacity of the workshop reaches 400 million pieces. Capacity and plan coordination ability, can comprehensively respond to various urgent orders and peak orders, for the old model can achieve the same day picking, night shift SMT patch, the next day assembly, the third day delivery. The current capacity is also 25% of affluent capacity.

Wave soldering capacity

In order to meet the needs of wave soldering customers, we have equipped a production line with lead and lead-free wave soldering, and matching component molding equipment, PCB boarding machine, etc. The 140000 pieces plug-in can be completed daily, and the plug-in production of 25000 only power carrier modules can be completed.

Assembly workshop capacity

The company currently has 4 pieces assembly lines, including three assembly lines, daily assembled USBKEY products up to 40,000 PCS, two assembly lines, daily assembled OBU products 10000 PCS, annual design production capacity of USBKEY products can reach 2000 Ten thousand, OBU products can reach 3 million PCS.

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02Equipment advantageUsing imported equipment to meet high-volume, high-standard production needs

SMT workshop equipment

Four SMT production lines, all by SANSUNG company SM471PULS SM481PULS, etc.
The world's high-quality high-speed placement equipment. The equipment throw rate is controlled within five ten thousandths.
Mounting component size: CHIP 01005 (English) ~ 100 * 90 * 21mmIC; Mounting accuracy: ± 0.035mm   (Repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.025mm ) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ); SMT workshop 0201 SMD components, 0.3MM BGA placement capability and quality control capabilities have been
Very mature.

Wave soldering workshop equipment

To meet the needs of wave soldering customers, configured a production line with lead and lead-free wave soldering, and matching component molding equipment, PCB boarding machine, etc. Lead-free soldering and lead soldering can be produced in the workshop.

Assembly workshop equipment

The assembly process is equipped with a large number of automation equipment, including automatic chip program burner, LCD pulse welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, hot-melt riveting equipment, laser code printer, automatic screw machine, software download for customers. Finished product assembly, packaging full process service.

SMT workshopWave soldering workshopAssembly workshop

03Quality advantageStrictly follow the ISO-9001 quality management system to ensure high quality products

质量优势 质量优势
SMT quality control

In order to better control the soldering quality of SMT products, the company has configured 3D solder paste inspection equipment (3D SPI), to detect the volume, area, height, offset, and tin of printed solder paste. , multi-tin, tin, tin, pollution, etc., greatly improve the quality of SMT soldering, especially BGA and 0201 packaged devices; Each SMT production line is equipped with automatic optical inspection equipment ( AOI), can detect post-weld device offset, less tin, short circuit, pollution, missing parts, skew, tombstone, side stand, flip, wrong piece, breakage, float height, polarity, solder joint, Empty welding, overflow glue, tin holes, pins are not good, etc. The AX8200's new X-RAY inspection system with high capacity, high resolution and high magnification ensures BGA welding quality The ROHS process and non-ROHS process are realized throughout the production process. Sub-workshop management.

Assembly process quality control

In order to ensure the quality of the assembled products, the company has a large number of quality control equipment such as ICT, FCT, PCBA function tester, metering instrument, laboratory and so on. Assembled product FCT full performance test to ensure that the product delivery function pass rate is over 99%. The production process is equipped with various process quality monitoring equipment facilities, including electric batch torque calibration instruments, test software mark position management, to prevent leakage test products from flowing into the next process.

04Team AdvantageCondensing Industry Experience Committed to the Electronic Manufacturing Industry Soaring

Qixuan is an existing engineering and technical staff 20 people, 12 people at the supervisor level or above, and full-time quality assurance (QA) staff 40 people< /b>, total number of employees 230 people The core management team of the company has more than ten years of management experience and technology precipitation in the electronics OEM industry >. Our products cover industrial, medical, security products (including embedded video recorders, CCD camera, video compression card, video decoder card, decoder, etc.), video conferencing system, car DVD, optical switch, inverter, power supply , digital cameras, Internet phones, LCD TV boards, LED displays, LED lighting, HD hard disk players, set-top boxes, automotive electronics, high-power power supplies and many other fields. We can from the application level of the product, structural design, hardware layout, software design and debugging, sample production, to the overall production of product mass production.

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